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Inbox: Who does that?

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Inbox: Who does that?

Does the Don Hutson Center have grass or artificial turf?

I’m calling it “The Ervin Effect.” The amount of space Tyler Ervin creates for both the running game and passing game with his pre-snap motion is astounding!

And as soon as a defense starts to assume Ervin is never getting the ball on the jet sweep, Rodgers is going to give it to him. Someone will get caught ignoring him at some point.

Mike, the game has just ended, and my first thought is this: Did the Falcons’ offense, via that long and longerer 20-play field goal drive, ironically keep themselves off the field?

I didn’t look at it that way. I’m sure the Falcons were frustrated to only get three points on that endless drive, but they’re in great shape with the Packers’ defense running on fumes if their defense goes out and gets a stop. Instead, the Packers drove 75 yards in 11 plays to go up two scores, and Green Bay’s defense got the breather it needed. That was a huge answer.

A quick baseball question, if I may: The Central Divisions of the NL and AL sent seven of the 16 teams into the wild-card round. All seven lost their series, winning two of 16 games played. Why did this happen, why the ineptitude?

I can’t speak to the AL because I don’t follow it as closely, but the competitive balance in the NL Central combined with the expanded playoff field watered down the first postseason round. That said, in a three-game series, anything can happen, so it’s still rather astounding they ALL lost.

Peter from Wellington, New Zealand

Hey guys! The best punter is the one who doesn’t see the field, six punts all season from JK Scott. What’s the fewest punts for any player during a season?

The Packers’ record for fewest punts in a season is 42, but that was during the strike-shortened nine-game season of 1982. Their fewest in a 16-game season is 51, in 2014.

With a second game being postponed due to COVID, is there any provision to add extra weeks to the schedule to make up games or is that not possible due to TV schedules and stadium commitments? I don’t think we’re close to being done with this.

Probably not, but the league is just going to take everything as it comes and figure it out.

Kevin from Hermansville, MI

Just a comment: If you believe in momentum, then it exists. The brain is a complicated organ. Nuke LaLoosh believed he could breathe through his eyelids…so?

All the more reason never to mess with a winning streak.

Lori from Heredia, Costa Rica

Hey Spoff, so now how many TDs has AR thrown to undrafted players in his career? Any idea of how that compares to other quarterbacks like Brady or Manning? Now that would be a cool graphic.

If somebody wants to do the research on the other guys, be my guest. I’ve got Rodgers for 39 now in the regular season. Tonyan just tied Kuhn atop the list with seven.

Chuck from Sun Prairie, WI

After the trip/tackle pass interference on Robert Tonyan’s third TD, how many players would have stayed on the ground immediately turning towards a referee looking for the penalty flag? Great heads-up play by 85 to quickly somersault to his feet and continue his route. To me, play of the game.

Rodgers called it a “cheapo” TD in his postgame remarks to the media, but you can’t discount how Tonyan stuck with the play. I had no idea when I saw it live how he got so wide open.

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