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Report: Hayden Hurst scammed by man posing as Tim…

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Report: Hayden Hurst scammed by man posing as Tim...

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Baltimore Ravens tight end Hayden Hurst donated autographed gear for charity to a person he believed to be former professional baseball player Tim Lincecum, according to TMZ.

Instead of going to charity, the donated gear found its way online to be resold by the Lincecum imposter before Hurst’s agent found the items and alerted police.

Hurst had been contacted by a verified Twitter account he believed to be Lincecum’s. He sent two jerseys to support to contribute to the charitable endeavor before realizing he’d been duped.

A 25-year old Pennsylvania man, Michael Daily, allegedly confirmed the ruse when authorities tracked him down following an investigation. He has since been charged with identity theft, theft by deception and unlawful use of a computer. He has used similar tactics to acquire varied forms of memorabilia in the past as well.

Report: Hayden Hurst scammed by man posing as Tim Lincecum

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