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The Dallas Cowboys are on the brink of…

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The Dallas Cowboys are on the brink of...

With a loss this past Sunday against the Eagles, the playoffs are now out of the Dallas Cowboys’ hands. They are on the brink of disappointment.

Well, the Dallas Cowboys did it. They gave up control of the NFC East, but it is technically not over yet. To make the playoffs, Dallas needs to beat the Washington Redskins, and the Philadelphia Eagles need to lose to the New York Giants.

Betting on the Giants to win is not something I am comfortable with. For that reason, the Dallas Cowboys are on the brink of a disappointment of a season.

Many people would already consider this season a disappointment, but I would rather wait to see if Dallas even makes the playoffs. My expectation for this roster was to at the very least play in the NFC championship game.

To save the job of head coach Jason Garrett, I said Dallas needs to make the Super Bowl. That is looking less likely by the week. Owner Jerry Jones is more than frustrated with how this team is turning out.

On paper, the Dallas Cowboys have amongst the most talented rosters in the league. Fast forward to today and the team looks unbelievably inconsistent. They may play like the best team in the league one week, and then the worst team in the league the week after.

To back up that point, compare Week 15 to Week 16. Dallas demolished the Los Angeles Rams but then were embarrassed by the Eagles. The Cowboys have no excuse for the way things have turned out this season.

The Pittsburgh Steelers lost their top two quarterbacks, their star running back, and their star wide receiver yet they have a better record than Dallas. The Cowboys are 7-8 while the Steelers are 8-7.

That has an enormous amount of value when evaluating the coaching staff of both teams. For obvious reasons, the Steelers staff is looking great and the Cowboys’ isn’t.

By record and by expectations, this season is a disappointment. The entire season as a whole is yet to be determined based on if Dallas ends up making the playoffs.

Another factor to put in is what happens with Jason Garrett. If for whatever reason he is brought back next season without taking the Cowboys to the Super Bowl, then that will make the season even worse.

It’s on the brink of a complete disappointment. I can’t believe that yet again Dallas is looking at an 8-8 season. The roster is much better than the record says, and Garrett is going to need to suffer the consequence for that.

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This hurts me so much. A team that I have had so much faith in to go out and finally do something in the playoffs may very well not even get an opportunity to do so. This season is right on the edge of being a complete disappointment.

The Dallas Cowboys are on the brink of disappointment

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