Sun. Sep 27th, 2020

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Week 14 Open Game Discussion

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Week 14 Open Game Discussion

The week kicks off with something of a snoozer, as the Cowboys (6-6) visit the Bears (6-6) in a contest of two teams desperately trying to stay relevant in the playoff race. Sunday, however, is one of the most loaded days of the year, with San Francisco (10-2) at New Orleans (10-2), Baltimore (10-2) at Buffalo (9-3), Tennessee (7-5) at Oakland (6-6), Kansas City (8-4) at New England (10-2), and Seattle (10-2) visiting the Rams (7-5) in prime time. The Monday night game — Eli Manning leading the Giants (2-10) into Philadelphia to play the Eagles (5-7) — sucks. Use this thread to discuss them all.

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